andrea.sala80: Valentina
yorgasor: Vintage Corona Doctor
Noel Feans: Freixeiro
andrea.sala80: Valentina
andrea.sala80: Valentina
maczeug2: Imagine what you can do with a mandolin & a vac!
steffos1986: analog camera photography
Autiste Redding: Charged skies above Mordor
Netti_Nu_Nu: Very standard portrait
Netti_Nu_Nu: Contemplating Joey - I love this dog !!!
Netti_Nu_Nu: He could be in team of “Guardians of the galaxy” - cheeky Joey
Netti_Nu_Nu: Shy Daisy
Netti_Nu_Nu: Colourful Daisy
Netti_Nu_Nu: Oliver in wooden surround
Netti_Nu_Nu: Majestic Puma B&W
Netti_Nu_Nu: Daisy in the misty-green surrounding
Netti_Nu_Nu: Lockdown selfie
Netti_Nu_Nu: Isn’t she lovely 🎶....
Netti_Nu_Nu: Hello... It’s me... 🎶🎶🎶😻
darvoiteau: Out of nature
Autiste Redding: From the top
The LeicaGeek: P-0092 Nadine, Hessenpark, Hesse, Germany
Autiste Redding: Salamander
andrea.sala80: DSC_7497