ianceetee9: The Cobbles of Church Hill
ianceetee9: Out and About Between Bank Holiday Showers
ianceetee9: Crowds at Sacre Coeur
ianceetee9: The Flying Fast Bowler
ianceetee9: Couple at the Prorogation Demonstration
ianceetee9: Boulders Atop The Roaches
ianceetee9: River Dane Wildboarclough
ianceetee9: Levelling up the Lock at Fonseranes
ianceetee9: Alan Turing and Friends
ianceetee9: Gipsy Accordioniste, Beziers
ianceetee9: Busking Outside Chester Racecourse
ianceetee9: Tree Feller Roped Up
ianceetee9: Hard Yards to the Seven Sisters
ianceetee9: One Day All This Will Be Yours
ianceetee9: Alfresco
ianceetee9: Snapper Snapped
ianceetee9: Student Hospitality Volunteers, Ragusa
ianceetee9: Jetting the Cobbles on Canal Street
ianceetee9: Ramparts at Les Baux de Provence
ianceetee9: Tension at the Fish Market
ianceetee9: Father and Backpack Baby
ianceetee9: Sicilian Scooter Man
ianceetee9: What's Around the Corner?
ianceetee9: Bridal Path Under Water
ianceetee9: Dramatic Sky Stops Play
ianceetee9: Best Foot Forward
ianceetee9: River Dee at West Kirby
ianceetee9: Wind Surfing at West Kirby
ianceetee9: The Pleasure of Messing About in Boats
ianceetee9: A Tasty Little Morsel for a Young Gull