@dora_figalga: In a noisy world, quiet time is a solution.
@dora_figalga: There is always time for a nap 💤
@dora_figalga: Queen of the Glam ✨
@dora_figalga: Do one thing every day that challenges you!
@dora_figalga: Let's start the day!
@dora_figalga: Love & Smile
@dora_figalga: Go away Monday!
@dora_figalga: That feeling when you can smell summer in the air ☀
@dora_figalga: The world looks better through your eyes
@dora_figalga: How to have a beach body:
@dora_figalga: Sunlight is the best disinfectant. ☀
@dora_figalga: And there is not anything in the world stronger than tenderness. ❤
@dora_figalga: You can always find me in a snuggle area ☁
@dora_figalga: Are you ready for a walk? I am ☝
@dora_figalga: Wishing a better future for every galgo out there ✨
@dora_figalga: Peace and Love for 2020 ☮
@dora_figalga: Waiting for Christmas treats 🎄
@dora_figalga: I never strike a pose that isn't photogenic ✨
@dora_figalga: in the mood for endless cuddles ♡
@dora_figalga: Keep Calm and Let the Human do All the Work
@dora_figalga: Jumping for Joy 🐎
@dora_figalga: Every meal you make, Every bite you take, I'll be watching you.
@dora_figalga: I have no private life, as I am constantly under police surveillance.
@dora_figalga: Pawfect Day 🐾
@dora_figalga: Yoga Dog
@dora_figalga: Sunday Rules: Do Nothing & Chill
@dora_figalga: Dora the Little Explorer 🔎
@dora_figalga: My life is so hard!
@dora_figalga: Wait! I'm getting a signal! 📶📡👽
@dora_figalga: Water is the mirror of life