stellagrimsdale: Beautiful Crow
stellagrimsdale: Ready steady Dive
stellagrimsdale: Every age can be enchanting, providing you live within it
stellagrimsdale: Rock Bed
stellagrimsdale: Dragonfly in flight
stellagrimsdale: Piercing
stellagrimsdale: Another Shot of the Mistle Thrush
stellagrimsdale: Strike a pose
stellagrimsdale: Dragonfly
stellagrimsdale: I'm forever blowing bubbles
stellagrimsdale: Mistle Thrush
stellagrimsdale: Blue Dragon
stellagrimsdale: Little Grebe
stellagrimsdale: You are my sunshine
stellagrimsdale: Yum Breakfast
stellagrimsdale: Parakeet - very rare in my garden
stellagrimsdale: Little Owl
stellagrimsdale: Tu-whit tu-whoo
stellagrimsdale: Deer in dappled shade
stellagrimsdale: A little bit of heaven
stellagrimsdale: Foxy Loxy
stellagrimsdale: Happy Fence Friday
stellagrimsdale: Reed Warbler
stellagrimsdale: Brazilian Beauty
stellagrimsdale: Here's looking at you chick
stellagrimsdale: Cutie in Majorca
stellagrimsdale: Proud Robin