stellagrimsdale: Fill the frame - Macro Mondays
stellagrimsdale: Female sparrow in flight
stellagrimsdale: Open Wide
stellagrimsdale: Another Garden visitor
stellagrimsdale: female sparrow
stellagrimsdale: The early bird catches the ....
stellagrimsdale: Splish Splash
stellagrimsdale: Goosey, Goosey Gander
stellagrimsdale: Great tit eating sunflower heart
stellagrimsdale: droplet on my head
stellagrimsdale: Scottish Sunset
stellagrimsdale: And then there was one (Explored)
stellagrimsdale: Morning lovely people
stellagrimsdale: One day I might use the birth bath
stellagrimsdale: Collared Dove
stellagrimsdale: Another day in the Garden, feeling lucky to be alive
stellagrimsdale: Social distancing - What's that?
stellagrimsdale: In my Garage.....Explored 😊
stellagrimsdale: Starling
stellagrimsdale: Caterpillar Lunch
stellagrimsdale: Egyptian Goose
stellagrimsdale: Who ate all the Pies?
stellagrimsdale: Jay portrait
stellagrimsdale: Reed Bunting - Female
stellagrimsdale: Robin on a post
stellagrimsdale: Deep in the woods
stellagrimsdale: Blue tit
stellagrimsdale: Tawny Owl
stellagrimsdale: Greyfriars graveyard Edinburgh