stellagrimsdale: Exotica in London Town
stellagrimsdale: Give us a kiss
stellagrimsdale: Stag with Jackdaw
stellagrimsdale: Heron with fish
stellagrimsdale: Don't you just hate getting a hair in your mouth?
stellagrimsdale: Heron (Explored)
stellagrimsdale: Grey wagtail
stellagrimsdale: Puffball Pigeon
stellagrimsdale: Who's a pretty boy...?
stellagrimsdale: Sneaking closer.....
stellagrimsdale: Welcome visitor
stellagrimsdale: Cormorant
stellagrimsdale: Dragon Flies doing what they do...
stellagrimsdale: Egret (Explored)
stellagrimsdale: Deep in Thought
stellagrimsdale: Common Redstart
stellagrimsdale: Harold the Heron...
stellagrimsdale: Deer in the woods
stellagrimsdale: Wild Kestrel
stellagrimsdale: Grebe with fish
stellagrimsdale: Check out my tongue
stellagrimsdale: One step at a time...
stellagrimsdale: Jade's Pond
stellagrimsdale: quack quack
stellagrimsdale: How many heads?
stellagrimsdale: Collared Dove
stellagrimsdale: Ready for take off
stellagrimsdale: Heron in flight 2020 (Explored)