nicolettp: Vevey
nicolettp: Christmas walk
nicolettp: Look for the rainbow.. always
nicolettp: R'DAM
nicolettp: R'DAM
nicolettp: Spot on!
nicolettp: I miss the Ocean
nicolettp: Can you see it?
nicolettp: "Mi piace sentire la forza di un'ala che si apre..sentirmi rapace ..e a te cosa piace?"
nicolettp: Keep off
nicolettp: There's always a good reason to celebrate life
nicolettp: "Blur will save the world" cit.
nicolettp: Diamond Head
nicolettp: Splash!
nicolettp: "Due punti sì lontani, ma equidistanti ...". Negramaro
nicolettp: Gonna catch you..
nicolettp: Rose
nicolettp: Let the time heal evrything
nicolettp: My lovely rose is not sick anymore
nicolettp: Lylium
nicolettp: Waiting for the storm to pass by
nicolettp: My loved Amsterdam
nicolettp: "Thank you to see in me the person I want to be" - Batman
nicolettp: L'ennesimo impatto tra la pioggia e il fuoco
nicolettp: Un giorno lontano
nicolettp: Look me in the eyes and say that you do not want me!
nicolettp: Love is a mistery
nicolettp: Pink Camelia
nicolettp: Rose
nicolettp: Piercing