probusphotos: That Face.
probusphotos: Summer showers.
probusphotos: Arches.
probusphotos: Wall Art. Shot with Voigtlander Perkeo, with TMax 100, developed in TMax RS 1:9 #louisville #nulu #filmisnotdead #filmismorefun #bnwphotography #fotografia
probusphotos: The Watchers watch.
probusphotos: Solar Flair. I’ve shown a few images of this tree already. I love a little (sometimes a lot of) flare, when opportunity arises. #filmisnotdead #filmismorefun #bnwphotography #pinholecamera #pinholista #pinholesociety #fotografia #fallsofohio
probusphotos: The shoebox pinhole cameras work! I had to do some flocking to minimize the inner flair. I anticipate a cloudy day in April (for WPPD 2020) so I think exposure at f-Stop 150 will be best. Home testing is complete! Will try onsite processing at Bernheim Fo
probusphotos: I Lean.
probusphotos: Here are two pinhole cameras that I made for Louisville WPPD 2020. I plan to start testing tomorrow with X-ray film and Positive paper. Using the Mr Pinhole web app, I estimate my aperture to be f/143. I will post my progress online. I hope to be providin
probusphotos: Wood Troll. #holgamods #filmisnotdead #filmismorefun #bnwphotography #pinholecamera #pinholista #pinholesociety #fotografia #fallsofohio
probusphotos: Torrent.
probusphotos: Under the canopy.
probusphotos: Fallen Friend.
probusphotos: Fingers Outstretched. My New Years Resolution is to start printing and prepare for WPPD IN Louisville. The chosen site for Louisville WPPD is Bernheim Forrest, April 25, 2020. I will announce more details and plans for WPPD soon.
probusphotos: Savage Ravage.
probusphotos: Storefront at Christmas. Shot with Voigtlander Perkeo, with TMax 100, developed in TMax RS 1:9
probusphotos: Interconnected.
probusphotos: The earth moves.
probusphotos: Off Center.
probusphotos: Nature’s Garden
probusphotos: Bleached refuse.
probusphotos: Outside looking out. Zachary Taylor Gravesite.
probusphotos: Shoreline Wreckage.
probusphotos: Vases. Another camera from my collection. This time the Voigtlander Bessamatic. A unique SLR from the ‘50’s and early ‘60’s. It was fairly sophisticated for it’s time. Film was Tmax 100 developed in TMax RS developer 1:9 dilution.
probusphotos: Diagonal. Shot with Praktica MTL5. I’ve collected several former eastern block cameras, including this East German beauty. The Zeiss Jenna 50 mm lens is sharp and the through-the-lens meter is accurate. I will take this camera out some more in the future.
probusphotos: The Tree Survives. I took this photo with my pinhole camera, not knowing that my son, on his first try, took nearly the same image with his Holga 120N. His was much better. I submitted his image for Holga Week. Fingers crossed!
probusphotos: Yoga Pigeons.
probusphotos: Monkey Shoulder series. A good summer day in the park with the RSS 6x9 camera. The mixture of sun and the characteristic vignette appearance of Reality So Subtle Cameras accentuates these surreal images. Film Tmax 100 developed in TMax RS developer 1:9 di
probusphotos: Monkey Shoulder 3.
probusphotos: Monkey Shoulder 2. Great little series from this summer.