Bluescruiser1949: come on in
Bluescruiser1949: Rob's girl (Bambi)
Bluescruiser1949: art in Santa Fe garden
Bluescruiser1949: San Telmo, Buenos Aires
Bluescruiser1949: restored paddlewheeler
Bluescruiser1949: Norval Morrisette
Bluescruiser1949: theatre back door
Bluescruiser1949: red chairs near Revelstoke B.C. Cansda
Bluescruiser1949: tides out
Bluescruiser1949: San Telmo market, Buenos Aires
Bluescruiser1949: all are welcome
Bluescruiser1949: basket of heads
Bluescruiser1949: The nurse's shoe 1945 was the size of a small dog house. The whole photographic ready version of that famous kiss, "the nurse & the sailor in Times Square " is represented in bronze at about 10 times the size of the average human.
Bluescruiser1949: my bedroll, my home
Bluescruiser1949: two dummies meditating
Bluescruiser1949: circus art
Bluescruiser1949: South Beach, Florida
Bluescruiser1949: Harley parking at Earl's Hideaway & Tiki Bar
Bluescruiser1949: a sweet ride from the past
Bluescruiser1949: failed holmstead N.B.
Bluescruiser1949: Aviation Museum
Bluescruiser1949: Circus art panel
Bluescruiser1949: wall mural, Ottawa
Bluescruiser1949: pirates cove
Bluescruiser1949: recycle bin
Bluescruiser1949: Nova Scotia
Bluescruiser1949: beautiful wall lady
Bluescruiser1949: mural St. Andrews By The Sea