Bluescruiser1949: doorway to.....?
Bluescruiser1949: fishing shacks at Peggy's Cove
Bluescruiser1949: restored paddlewheeler
Bluescruiser1949: tides out
Bluescruiser1949: Recolleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires
Bluescruiser1949: hotrod or shotrod
Bluescruiser1949: Broken Barn N.B.
Bluescruiser1949: Mexican Harley, Mexico
Bluescruiser1949: abandoned car
Bluescruiser1949: cats of Recoleta Cemetery , Buenos Aires
Bluescruiser1949: 24/7 survellience
Bluescruiser1949: Is it art?
Bluescruiser1949: come on in
Bluescruiser1949: a sweet ride from the past
Bluescruiser1949: out with the trash
Bluescruiser1949: failed holmstead N.B.
Bluescruiser1949: Serious Offers Only
Bluescruiser1949: rundown house N.B.
Bluescruiser1949: I'll fix it myself, NYC 1972
Bluescruiser1949: recycle bin
Bluescruiser1949: abanoned fish processing plant,Fla.
Bluescruiser1949: unoccupied & derilect
Bluescruiser1949: paint me !
Bluescruiser1949: Elvis played here?
Bluescruiser1949: old fort, St. Augustine Fla.
Bluescruiser1949: St. Augustine Fla.
Bluescruiser1949: multi family dwelling
Bluescruiser1949: different perspective of things