pitkin9: Rummaging amongst the winter leaves.
pitkin9: Red-wing.
pitkin9: Grey Heron
pitkin9: Great Crested Grebe Family.
pitkin9: Last May's Cygnet.
pitkin9: Bell bottom Bee 🐝
pitkin9: Pied Wagtail.
pitkin9: Eland
pitkin9: Red Panda - Ailurus fulgens.
pitkin9: Baby Howler Monkey.
pitkin9: Meadow pipit.
pitkin9: Demoiselle
pitkin9: Grey Squirrel.
pitkin9: Butterfly buddies.
pitkin9: Cygnet.
pitkin9: Grey Squirrel
pitkin9: Yellowhammer.
pitkin9: Mistle Thrush.
pitkin9: Young Mute Swan.
pitkin9: Jackdaw
pitkin9: Chaser.
pitkin9: Great Crested Grebe.
pitkin9: Two lovely brown rats 🐀 🐀🐀🐀🐀
pitkin9: Wood pigeon portrait.
pitkin9: Robin
pitkin9: Reed nibbles.
pitkin9: Reed tit bit.
pitkin9: Lip on.
pitkin9: 💗 I've got you 💗
pitkin9: Nature and wildlife.