michel~: frozen music
michel~: last days of colored autumn
michel~: A crow has settled on a bare branch — autumn evening.
michel~: couleurs d'automne
michel~: evening light (2)
michel~: evening light (1)
michel~: sérénité
michel~: autumn travel 🍂😇
michel~: music of autumn
michel~: in my garden (HFF)
michel~: night stroll
michel~: l'été indien
michel~: evening light
michel~: ...I’m looking at a leafless branch...the whole world is monochrome...soon the winter comes...
michel~: l'automne au Jardin du Luxembourg 🍂 (1)
michel~: autumn looks in the mirror
michel~: ...my sadness is light...
michel~: fragilité
michel~: now the sky is the dome...
michel~: beauté (raining)
michel~: à midi
michel~: coquelicots (after the rain)
michel~: rainy
michel~: belle journée ( HFF)
michel~: light and shadows
michel~: a pine tree on the rocks
michel~: dans les nuages
michel~: belle journée
michel~: le soleil s'est couché
michel~: c'est l'été...