Srixon14: Bude cliff edge
Srixon14: A cold Dartmoor
Srixon14: It’s getting cold
Srixon14: The warren inn pub on Dartmoor
Srixon14: Dartmoor climb on a windy cold Sunday
Srixon14: Royal William yard
Srixon14: Shooting to the sky
Srixon14: Mix it up, black and white
Srixon14: Driving through autumn
Srixon14: Sun setting over Kingsteignton
Srixon14: Shooting at stover woods over the weekend, autumn is here
Srixon14: Day at the fair, f/11 shutter on bulb, BOOM you get this
Srixon14: Plymouth hoe at night
Srixon14: Walking on dartmoor and come across this beaut
Srixon14: Fire work night
Srixon14: Fire work display
Srixon14: Good morning Flickr users
Srixon14: Shooting in low light, neon lights
Srixon14: Anfi resort gran caneria
Srixon14: Taurito, grancanaria, night shooting
Srixon14: Dartmoors finest
Srixon14: Royal William yard Plymouth
Srixon14: Sun setting over Plymouth for the night
Srixon14: End of summer 2019
Srixon14: A different view
Srixon14: Ford rally from a car shoot a few years ago
Srixon14: Driving for my next shot
Srixon14: My youngest shooting with her camera Nikon d3200 through my camera
Srixon14: Got my old Nikon d3200 out and had a play around
Srixon14: Shutter speed test