Srixon14: A different view
Srixon14: Ford rally from a car shoot a few years ago
Srixon14: Driving for my next shot
Srixon14: My youngest shooting with her camera Nikon d3200 through my camera
Srixon14: Got my old Nikon d3200 out and had a play around
Srixon14: Shutter speed test
Srixon14: I’ll lead the way
Srixon14: Peaceful
Srixon14: Found a spot under a bridge,
Srixon14: The old train bridge
Srixon14: Plym bridge woods
Srixon14: Trying my hand at landscaping photography
Srixon14: Street dancing, london
Srixon14: Nikon💥
Srixon14: Sunsetting on Dartmoor
Srixon14: Where does the road take you
Srixon14: London Underground
Srixon14: London@night
Srixon14: Lipsy London baby
Srixon14: The next generation
Srixon14: Trying new lighting
Srixon14: So much to see
Srixon14: 10 of spades
Srixon14: My baby and her cake
Srixon14: My babies loving lights
Srixon14: Bude, Cornwall