silent13wish: A Strange Urban Angle
silent13wish: Colorado State Capitol Twilight
silent13wish: Late Sunday at the Thanksgiving Pandemic Pow-Wow
silent13wish: A Quaranic Quote on Hypocrisy
silent13wish: At times, Love seems like more of an Open Door than Dealing with a lot of other Practical Matters.
silent13wish: Greek Salad with Gyro Meat
silent13wish: Walking South on Welton Street from Five Points
silent13wish: A Chopped Liver Sandwich at Rosenberg's Bagel in Five Points
silent13wish: Tiger-Striped Dog
silent13wish: Care from some Tabbouleh?
silent13wish: An Interesting Angle
silent13wish: The Healthy Food and Constructive Philosophy of Noe at Tarascos
silent13wish: Dia De Los Muertos at the Denver Art Society
silent13wish: Return to Nhu Lai
silent13wish: Lamb Birria at Tarascos
silent13wish: View of Downtown Denver from Benedict Fountain Park
silent13wish: Can anyone really eat that much?!
silent13wish: Inner City Glare
silent13wish: My Kind of Dawg
silent13wish: Gateweaver by Emily Kell and Morgan Mandala
silent13wish: A Painting at an Upscale Gallery on Santa Fe Drive
silent13wish: Eviction
silent13wish: Understanding "Mental Illness"
silent13wish: Strange Potted Cactus on Santa Fe Drive
silent13wish: Stone Spiral
silent13wish: "Medicine Woman" by Cheryl Soltis at the Denver Art Society.
silent13wish: Tongue Burrito at El Taco De Mexico in Denver's Santa Fe Drive Arts District
silent13wish: Denver during the Post-Modern, Ecoapocalyptic Age.
silent13wish: In honor of Nobel Prize Winner, Maria Ressa, from the Philippines.
silent13wish: Portrait of the Dog who used to bark at me