ieuanrudge: spelling mistake - 'availablr'
ieuanrudge: 'Always losing things'
ieuanrudge: George VI post box with PO direction sign
ieuanrudge: 'Tools you'll never use'
ieuanrudge: 'Coffee Wars'
ieuanrudge: 'Love your Chelmsford'
ieuanrudge: 'The Laundry Room sorting out life one load at a time'
ieuanrudge: 'Sweaty Mama'
ieuanrudge: 'We apologies ... '
ieuanrudge: 'Sorry for any inconvience ... '
ieuanrudge: 'Part-time Driver Require ...'
ieuanrudge: 'Ice cold beer'
ieuanrudge: 'The best Tonic has a large Gin in it'
ieuanrudge: 'Don't cry over spilt milk - it could have been wine'
ieuanrudge: 'According to chemistry, alcohol is a solution!'
ieuanrudge: 'Tonight's forecast - 99% chance of Prosecco'
ieuanrudge: 'If the glass is half empty, there is room for more wine'
ieuanrudge: 'Retired, happy and spending the kids inheritance'
ieuanrudge: 'I'm on the 5:2 Diet, 5 for me 2 for you'
ieuanrudge: 'Vodka is cheaper than Botox and it paralyses more muscles'
ieuanrudge: 'I fought the lawn and the lawn won!'
ieuanrudge: 'Step aside coffee this is a job for Prosecco'
ieuanrudge: 'The most expensive part of having kids is the wine'
ieuanrudge: 'My kids have paws'
ieuanrudge: 'To Gin-finity and Beyond'
ieuanrudge: 'Grumpy's Garden'
ieuanrudge: 'Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty'
ieuanrudge: 'Halstead Con Club'
ieuanrudge: '... Morther's Day ...'
ieuanrudge: 'Hards of Halstead traditional butcher'