paaltrygve: Great spotted woodpecker
paaltrygve: Siskin
paaltrygve: Pearl clouds
paaltrygve: Greenfinch
paaltrygve: The clouds in flames to day 2
paaltrygve: The clouds in flames to day......
paaltrygve: Lovely Sunset
paaltrygve: The mystorious forest
paaltrygve: Deer in Winter
paaltrygve: Sunset
paaltrygve: Foggy sunset
paaltrygve: Siskins
paaltrygve: Core Bits
paaltrygve: Bullfinch
paaltrygve: Bullfinch
paaltrygve: She looks a little angry.
paaltrygve: Moose
paaltrygve: Deer 1
paaltrygve: Deer 2
paaltrygve: Deer 3
paaltrygve: Pearl clouds1
paaltrygve: Pearl clouds 2
paaltrygve: Pearl clouds 3
paaltrygve: Wood pigeon
paaltrygve: Coal tit (cit carbo)
paaltrygve: Eurasian Tree Sparrow
paaltrygve: Winter2
paaltrygve: Winter
paaltrygve: Great tit