ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: River Alun, Castle-upon-Alun, Vale of Glamorgan
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: The Tide's coming in fast / Mae'n llenwi'n gyflym
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Moryd Afon Ogwr, Morgannwg / Ogmore River estuary, Glamorgan
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Ogmore Castle and River Ewenny, Glamorgan / Castell Ogwr ac Afon Ewenni, Morgannwg
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Dawn light on the Norwegian mainland from Henningsvær, Lofoten, Norway
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Pont Hywel ac afon Cleddau Ddu, Sir Benfro / Pont Hywel and the Eastern Cleddau, Pembrokeshire
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Rhaedr Aberdulais / Aberdulais Falls / Chute d'Eau, rivière Dulais, Pays de Galles
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Llyn Egnant, Ceredigion 2
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Aberaeron, Ceredigion
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Llyn Egnant, Ceredigion
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Aberdulais Falls / Rhaeadrau Aberdulais
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Rhaeadr Aberdulais, Castell Nedd, De Cymru / Aberdulais Falls, Neath, South Wales
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Kennet and Avon Canal near Limpley Stoke
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Witch's Point, Vale of Glamorgan / Trwyn-y-wrach, Bro Morgannwg
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Trwyn-y-wrach / Witch's Point and Southerndown Beach, Vale of Glamorgan
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: First morning of Spring...maybe. Dunraven Bay, Vale of Glamorgan / Bore cyntaf y Gwanwyn...efallai. Bae Dwnrhefn, Bro Morgannwg
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Southerndown, Vale of Glamorgan / Traeth Dwnrhefn, Bro Morgannwg
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Ogmore River estuary after sunset / Moryd Afan Ogwr ar ôl y Machlud
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Never mind the Sun...look behind you!
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: End of the Day/Diwedd y Dydd/Fin du Jour/Ende des Tages
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Snow on the Way / Eira ar y ffordd
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Sand Channel, Merthyr Mawr dunes
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Sand Channel after Rain, Merthyr Mawr Warren
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Sunset in the Dunes / Machlud yn y Twyni Tywod / Coucher de Soleil dans les Dunes
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Relics from a Bygone Age, Cardiff Bay / Olion yr Oes a Fu, Bae Caerdydd
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Pier Head Building and National Assembly, Cardiff Bay
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Relics of the Old Days, Cardiff Bay / Olion y dyddiau a fu, Bae Caerdydd
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Last Rays, River Ogmore / Pelydrau Olaf, Afon Ogwr
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: Porthcawl harbour / Porthladd Porthcawl
ianwhdavies@btinternet.com10: High Tide, Porthcawl Breakwater / Penllanw, Morglawdd Porthcawl