vovadvd: Rainbow in the mountains
vovadvd: Teberda River
vovadvd: Dombai. 3168m
vovadvd: Forest in the foothills of Dombai
vovadvd: Baksan gorge
vovadvd: River Baksan
vovadvd: River Teberda. After sunset.
vovadvd: Dinner by the river
vovadvd: At the level of the clouds!
vovadvd: Lake Gizhgit. Eastern
vovadvd: Lake Gizhgit. West
vovadvd: Elbrus region. Eastern slope.
vovadvd: Almost Alps)))
vovadvd: Almost Alps))) 2
vovadvd: Mount Great Saddle. View of Kislovodsk.
vovadvd: Лопух большо́й ( Arctium láppa)
vovadvd: The road to the Big Saddle.
vovadvd: Kislovodsk. Kurortnuy blvd.
vovadvd: Kislovodsk. Kurortnuy blvd. Fountain.
vovadvd: Pantones
vovadvd: Evening bay
vovadvd: Evening on the river
vovadvd: Sunset in the bay
vovadvd: The last rays
vovadvd: On the river
vovadvd: Furry bather
vovadvd: Best exit point)))
vovadvd: The happiest dog!
vovadvd: Full relax
vovadvd: The boss and his toy)))