frankdorgathen: A red light district, again - Oohh
frankdorgathen: Let it flow
frankdorgathen: Another stairway to heaven
frankdorgathen: Orange glow
frankdorgathen: Lockdown Pizzeria
frankdorgathen: Meditation
frankdorgathen: Stone heavy clouds
frankdorgathen: Grugahalle
frankdorgathen: Big reflections
frankdorgathen: Some urban verticals
frankdorgathen: Me, inside a ball
frankdorgathen: If you’re taller than 3m - take care
frankdorgathen: Windows and a starlight
frankdorgathen: Who needs a title?
frankdorgathen: Hit the road
frankdorgathen: Tree trunk - a different perspective
frankdorgathen: Still red above the ground
frankdorgathen: Structure
frankdorgathen: One of my favorite „activities“ in 2020: queueing at the baker´s.
frankdorgathen: So many chairs for....nobody. Scenes from lockdown 2020.
frankdorgathen: Lockdowned mall
frankdorgathen: Lockdown City
frankdorgathen: Wiiiiidddeeee
frankdorgathen: A quiet place in the heart of the city
frankdorgathen: Many lights for no one - scenes from lockdown #2
frankdorgathen: Just before the launch
frankdorgathen: Universitätsstraße - Bochum