SpyderMarley: High on Death Valley
SpyderMarley: Farmfield Canada Goose Air Show
SpyderMarley: It's a big world out there.
SpyderMarley: A sucker for Honeysuckle
SpyderMarley: Rugrat cat
SpyderMarley: A breath of fresh air...laundry and clothes lines.
SpyderMarley: "Boats are us"...Ramea, Newfoundland
SpyderMarley: "Rough & Ready"
SpyderMarley: Everything Emerald!
SpyderMarley: Peaceful easy feeling.
SpyderMarley: A flower of many faces...Queen Anne’s Lace.
SpyderMarley: Eagle calling.
SpyderMarley: Nature's painting...green with envy.
SpyderMarley: Beaming...MS Eurodam at 105.8 ft wide!
SpyderMarley: MS Eurodam...docked out at 86,700 tons!
SpyderMarley: Awww...Ogden Point Breakwater.
SpyderMarley: Painting on water with sun and clouds.
SpyderMarley: Knotty & Nice...Pacific Coast Workhorses
SpyderMarley: Knotty & Nice...East Coast Fishing
SpyderMarley: "Nancy B" & "Daniel's Dingy"
SpyderMarley: Just hanging out.
SpyderMarley: Green with envy...beauty in the chaos.
SpyderMarley: Enchanted Farmland
SpyderMarley: Racey Rocks
SpyderMarley: High on the wire.
SpyderMarley: Double Take
SpyderMarley: Sunset at Ogden Point breakwater
SpyderMarley: Beautiful Blues - Hell of a Helijet
SpyderMarley: Sunset on Patricia Bay.
SpyderMarley: Driftwood and Jelly