Th.Duerr: Am Altrhein
Th.Duerr: Mainz-Stadthäuser
Th.Duerr: Window Wednesday_Twins
Th.Duerr: Autumn Colors
Th.Duerr: Mainz, Townhall
Th.Duerr: Waiting for Spring
Th.Duerr: Fog on the other Side
Th.Duerr: Down by the Waterline
Th.Duerr: Funghi and Moss
Th.Duerr: A Work of Art
Th.Duerr: Mystic Light
Th.Duerr: Ghostship
Th.Duerr: In a Row_HWW!
Th.Duerr: Into the Light
Th.Duerr: Reed
Th.Duerr: Relax
Th.Duerr: Welcome to the Machine
Th.Duerr: So far and no further
Th.Duerr: Industrial Compound
Th.Duerr: Saturday Morning
Th.Duerr: Golden River
Th.Duerr: The Boss(explored_11_15_2020)
Th.Duerr: Am Altrhein
Th.Duerr: Old Door
Th.Duerr: Fall
Th.Duerr: How bizzare
Th.Duerr: Logs
Th.Duerr: On a cold Morning
Th.Duerr: Leaves