Th.Duerr: Peaceful
Th.Duerr: Take Two_HWW
Th.Duerr: Mushrooms (with Bokeh)
Th.Duerr: Herbstwald(explored_11.10.21)
Th.Duerr: The Black Chair
Th.Duerr: Looking Through
Th.Duerr: Blue Hands
Th.Duerr: Secenic Windows in Bavaria_HWW
Th.Duerr: Full Moon over Bavaria
Th.Duerr: Full Moon_Abstract
Th.Duerr: Niedersonthofener Wasserfall_2
Th.Duerr: Another beautiful Morning
Th.Duerr: Ottobeuren, Basilika
Th.Duerr: Still Connected
Th.Duerr: Barn and Moon(Thanks to Luminar 4)
Th.Duerr: Scenic_HWW
Th.Duerr: Das Morgenrot
Th.Duerr: Bavaria_21
Th.Duerr: Niedersonthofener Wasserfall_1
Th.Duerr: Morgenstimmung
Th.Duerr: Lost in Green
Th.Duerr: Niedersonthofener See
Th.Duerr: An der Iller
Th.Duerr: The Lost Cabin
Th.Duerr: Over the Hill
Th.Duerr: Country Road
Th.Duerr: On a foggy Morning
Th.Duerr: Ottobeuren, Buschelkapelle