erfey07: A dream from the Caucasus
erfey07: Autumn
erfey07: Between the storms
erfey07: The stars reflections - Koruldi lakes
erfey07: The stars reflections - Koruldi lakes
erfey07: Gergeti Trinity Church - გერგეტის წმინდა სამება
erfey07: Ivona
erfey07: Tbilisi in the golden hour
erfey07: _DSC0435
erfey07: Before the storm
erfey07: Ushba 4710 m - The Queen of the Caucasus. Beautiful, raw and irresistible
erfey07: _DSC1921
erfey07: One of the Guardians of the Sacred Rhodope Mountain - Ancient Thracian sanctuary near the village of Nebeska
erfey07: Sunset
erfey07: _DSC2008
erfey07: Reflections of the Cathedral and the Old Bridge in the Wye River - Hereford
erfey07: Michelle
erfey07: Musala peak
erfey07: Night over the Shkhara - Caucasus
erfey07: Ushguli - Georgia A place that feel with the soul and stays in your heart
erfey07: Ancient Thracian sanctuary Borov Kamak
erfey07: Frozen eye - Lake Okoto / Seven Rila Lakes
erfey07: Reflections
erfey07: Fogy morning near Belogradchik
erfey07: The layers
erfey07: DSC_0123
erfey07: Shy
erfey07: Welcome spring
erfey07: The frozen rout
erfey07: Iridescent landscape