Sal ❥Tre: Straight off the camera; no edit, no filter. Just natural perfection
Sal ❥Tre: The Visitor in Pype Hayes
Sal ❥Tre: The Road Less Travelled
Sal ❥Tre: Tree Hugger
Sal ❥Tre: Beauty on the Inside
Sal ❥Tre: Feasting on Lavender
Sal ❥Tre: Polar (Pinocchio) Fuschia
Sal ❥Tre: Darth Vader
Sal ❥Tre: Waiting for dinner
Sal ❥Tre: Amongst the Lillies
Sal ❥Tre: St. Barnabas Church; Erdington
Sal ❥Tre: River Severn
Sal ❥Tre: A Birthday Visitor
Sal ❥Tre: Full Bloom
Sal ❥Tre: Mother Duck
Sal ❥Tre: Spaniels & Daffodils
Sal ❥Tre: ❞I was once stood where you are now and one day you shall be where I am; in the meantime; make sure you live❞
Sal ❥Tre: Face in the Willow Tree
Sal ❥Tre: "You can't put no chains on me, I was born free" Kid Rock
Sal ❥Tre: View from my Window
Sal ❥Tre: Time for a rest
Sal ❥Tre: The Colours of Autumn
Sal ❥Tre: The Ethereal Tree
Sal ❥Tre: Thinking.....
Sal ❥Tre: A Bed of Autumn Leaves
Sal ❥Tre: My Birthday Visitor
Sal ❥Tre: Last Visitor of the Year 2019 💖
Sal ❥Tre: Pick your colours; Goalposts aptly placed
Sal ❥Tre: All that glitters is not gold 💛