drdrlim: The Bluethroat, a winter migrant in Thailand
drdrlim: A Black-crested Bulbul having a drink at a waterhole in the forests of central Thailand
drdrlim: Close Up of the mangrove pitta
drdrlim: Mangrove Pitta
drdrlim: Crimson-breasted Flowerpecker
drdrlim: Male mangrove blue flycatcher
drdrlim: Crimson-breasted flowerpecker
drdrlim: Collared Kingfisher amongst the mangrove tree roots
drdrlim: Common Kingfisher in Thailand
drdrlim: Powered by the stars
drdrlim: The Milky Way over Auckland
drdrlim: Rufous backed Oriental-dwarf kingfisher
drdrlim: Sunset...
drdrlim: Yellow-vented flowerpecker
drdrlim: Splendors of the galactic core during Aug 2019
drdrlim: The Summer TriangleFujiX-H1 + Samyang 12mm f2Tracked using Vixen Polarie
drdrlim: A female Mangrove Blue Flycatcher
drdrlim: The colors of life...
drdrlim: Oriental White-eye
drdrlim: Vertical Horizon
drdrlim: Where the land, sea and stars meet
drdrlim: The Lagoon (M8, lower left) and the Trifid (M20, upper right) Nebulae
drdrlim: Hooded Pitta
drdrlim: Mangrove Pitta
drdrlim: Space Symmetry
drdrlim: Milky Way over Beris Lake
drdrlim: Jupiter visiting the galactic center
drdrlim: A Beautiful Night in Kedah, Malaysia
drdrlim: Orange Headed Thrush
drdrlim: The Orion Nebula