Flávia Falodir ✔: May we be enchanted each time by simplicity, by what is true, by everything that comes from the heart. ❤
Flávia Falodir ✔: Happiness is having love, enjoying the routine, having inner peace and knowing how to deal with the simplicity of life! 🍃✨❤
Flávia Falodir ✔: Pleasing who I can, bothering who I owe. 😋😘
Flávia Falodir ✔: To be in inner peace is to have power over yourself…
Flávia Falodir ✔: I prefer to walk in the rain, on sad days, than hide in the house.
Flávia Falodir ✔: Manage your life as well as take care of your pet. Treat it, feed it, give it love, lots of affection and clean up the dirt! This is the secret to trying to be happier: finding balance in bad times and having a friend for all hours.
Flávia Falodir ✔: We never know where we are in people’s lives, sometimes we think it is a priority but in fact we are only the last preference. 💭
Flávia Falodir ✔: It will not be the sun that will make this day perfect, but your willingness and desire to be happy.😉
Flávia Falodir ✔: Since you don’t want me anymore, I will spread my love around.😉😂😘
Flávia Falodir ✔: If you think I’m ignoring you, I probably am. My cell phone is in my hand 24 hours a day.
Flávia Falodir ✔: Firm mind, clean soul and always positive thinking. 🌸
Flávia Falodir ✔: I don’t know my purpose and my destiny in life, but I know that I’m here for some reason, that’s why I keep going to find it. Nothing will be able to stop me as long as there is hope in my heart. I keep going, head up and with a lot of faith!
Flávia Falodir ✔: After I sailed into the depths of self-love, I never again sank in shallow feelings. 💖🌟✨
Flávia Falodir ✔: 🐋💓🐬💗
Flávia Falodir ✔: Forest ranger
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Flávia Falodir ✔: Driven by the freedom to be who I am.
Flávia Falodir ✔: It is so hot that the weather forecast says that today we will have strong sun with blows of fire!
Flávia Falodir ✔: I am a mixture of faces and mouths, smiles and looks, attitudes and words, styles and behaviors. But I only have one personality, unlike many people out there!
Flávia Falodir ✔: “Run after your dreams, because there is no fairy godmother in this world.”
Flávia Falodir ✔: Remember that ice you gave me? Give it to me again, because the heat is strong.🌞
Flávia Falodir ✔: In nature, you get much more than you look for. 🌺🌳
Flávia Falodir ✔: “You can’t buy love, but you can adopt it” 😻
Flávia Falodir ✔: Sometimes I just need a cup of coffee.☕😋
Flávia Falodir ✔: In cowboy land, queen wears hat.😉
Flávia Falodir ✔: She knows how to forgive, but needs some lessons to forget 💭🌸
Flávia Falodir ✔: Shut up and kiss me 😉😘
Flávia Falodir ✔: Too single to worry about something that isn’t mine.😉👌
Flávia Falodir ✔: The only balance I want is your eyes on mine😉
Flávia Falodir ✔: We are like the chameleon. Today we are good and kind and tomorrow we can be rude and resentful. That is why we must see inside and avoid metamorphoses