leahwthompson: Escheresque
leahwthompson: Glacial push (Explore November 3, 2021)
leahwthompson: Summer's last stand
leahwthompson: Canna leaf after the rain
leahwthompson: The stillness that is all
leahwthompson: Draw near
leahwthompson: The still, small voice
leahwthompson: Kildoo Trail in autumn
leahwthompson: Flue Pipes
leahwthompson: Covered Bridge Detail
leahwthompson: Slippery Rock Creek, McConnells Mill State Park
leahwthompson: At the helm
leahwthompson: Brute force
leahwthompson: Elemental
leahwthompson: Sun Drawing II
leahwthompson: All will be well
leahwthompson: Statue detail
leahwthompson: To the sky
leahwthompson: Sun drawing
leahwthompson: This makes it all go away
leahwthompson: Guests enter here
leahwthompson: Coffee makes the world go 'round
leahwthompson: Famous Italian Beef (Explore October 17, 2021)
leahwthompson: Through the meadow
leahwthompson: Closed doors and broken dreams
leahwthompson: Blue sky reflections
leahwthompson: Stacked
leahwthompson: Life is like a camera
leahwthompson: Monongahela reflection
leahwthompson: Market Square discourse