leahwthompson: Easter Bread
leahwthompson: It's always sunny when you can eat tacos
leahwthompson: A young shepherd gazing on the face of God
leahwthompson: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
leahwthompson: The silent forest (Explore December 23, 2021)
leahwthompson: In the bleak midwinter
leahwthompson: Gaudete
leahwthompson: Lanterman's Mill
leahwthompson: Office Noir
leahwthompson: The secret under my desk
leahwthompson: Three nail holes (Explore December 5, 2021)
leahwthompson: Where there is darkness, only light
leahwthompson: Watching and waiting
leahwthompson: The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection ~Michaelangelo
leahwthompson: Glass on glass through glass
leahwthompson: No dinosaurs were harmed during the taking of this photo
leahwthompson: And so on
leahwthompson: Just your typical dragon extraction . . .
leahwthompson: Let there be
leahwthompson: L'amour
leahwthompson: The folly of steel moguls
leahwthompson: Makes sense
leahwthompson: Goals (Explore November 19, 2021)
leahwthompson: Row upon row
leahwthompson: Our Lady of the Dusk and Streetlights
leahwthompson: To each its own
leahwthompson: Sunrise through the window
leahwthompson: But for now, I want to stay in this quiet town
leahwthompson: A view through