my.travels: Wish tree of Göbeklitepe
my.travels: Yellow tulip
my.travels: Istanbul from a hotel window
my.travels: [394] Spring in the garden
my.travels: Lockdown days
my.travels: Statues
my.travels: [2504] Street musician
my.travels: [2499] Replica of the 'Baby' or SSEM computer
my.travels: [2503] Welcome Ramadan
my.travels: [2502] TCDD MT 15000 DMU
my.travels: [2401] Odunpazarı, Eskişehir, Turkey
my.travels: [2501] Beach huts
my.travels: [2500] Ornamental Lake Garden, Lytham St Annes
my.travels: [2498] Turbofan
my.travels: [2497] Parasailing
my.travels: [2496] The road
my.travels: [2495] Bozcaada, Turkey
my.travels: [2494] Aegean sunset
my.travels: [2493] Inside the Grand Mosque, Mardin, Turkey
my.travels: [2492] Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque, Ankara, Turkey
my.travels: [2491] Climb-out
my.travels: [2490] Mullion Cove, Cornwall, England #3
my.travels: [2489] Mullion Cove, Cornwall, England #2
my.travels: [2488] Tricky’s Restaurant & Bar, Redruth, Cornwall
my.travels: [2487] Truro Cathedral, Cornwall, England #2
my.travels: [2486] The Cornish Cove, Port Isaac, UK
my.travels: [2485] Cornwall countryside
my.travels: [2484] Shanghai at night #8
my.travels: [2483] Ducks
my.travels: [2482] Köfteci Ahmet, Eskişehir, Turkey