the.haggishunter: Changing weather
the.haggishunter: Paper boat
the.haggishunter: Rudbeckia
the.haggishunter: Nettles, Ouch!
the.haggishunter: In the compost bin.
the.haggishunter: Pigeon portrait
the.haggishunter: Freshly picked. Strawberry.
the.haggishunter: Piggy Bank starter kit.
the.haggishunter: White Tailed Bumble Bee on blue Geranium after a downpour..
the.haggishunter: Curves, for Macro Mondays.
the.haggishunter: Clematis flower in the rain
the.haggishunter: Looking at ewe.
the.haggishunter: Childhood Toys, for Macro Mondays.
the.haggishunter: Blue Tit family.
the.haggishunter: Baby Blue tit
the.haggishunter: Remembrance, for Flickr Friday.
the.haggishunter: Please can I go back inside ?.
the.haggishunter: Reverse Gear Cluster.
the.haggishunter: droplets of olive oil.
the.haggishunter: Oil on Water. for Macro Monday.
the.haggishunter: 'Three on a match'. Superstition for Macro Mondays.
the.haggishunter: Pear Tree Blossom.
the.haggishunter: miniature classic automotive copper washers