Wright-Leslie: Common Blue Damselfly
Wright-Leslie: Natures gold.
Wright-Leslie: The centre of everything.
Wright-Leslie: Portrait.
Wright-Leslie: Butterfly.
Wright-Leslie: Painted Lady
Wright-Leslie: First light.
Wright-Leslie: Common blue Damselfly.
Wright-Leslie: Portrait in Yellow.
Wright-Leslie: DSC_2857sz
Wright-Leslie: Natures 3d.
Wright-Leslie: Chester cathedral.
Wright-Leslie: 'Three down', Animal with large trunk.
Wright-Leslie: Just chillin!
Wright-Leslie: Someone in the shadows.
Wright-Leslie: The red tie.
Wright-Leslie: Rydal falls wood.
Wright-Leslie: Mow cop Sunset.
Wright-Leslie: Nantwich summer sunsets.
Wright-Leslie: DSC_0026f
Wright-Leslie: Along for the ride.
Wright-Leslie: Colours.
Wright-Leslie: The end of one life & the start of a new one.
Wright-Leslie: Beautiful female Silver Studded Blue.
Wright-Leslie: The next generation.
Wright-Leslie: Beauty in Nature.
Wright-Leslie: Mullein Moth caterpillar.
Wright-Leslie: Up close & Personal.
Wright-Leslie: The fallen.