fqamorim: Fossil Rim's wackiest resident
fqamorim: Comet NEOWISE viewed from North Texas
fqamorim: Green Anole having a meal
fqamorim: Taffy peacefully sleeping through the chaos
fqamorim: Taffy
fqamorim: Welcome home, "yet-to-be-named" cat!
fqamorim: Sun bathing
fqamorim: Little green bug on gladiolus
fqamorim: Gladiolus
fqamorim: Texas thistle
fqamorim: Marygold
fqamorim: Penta Raspberry
fqamorim: Gold Lantana and raindrop
fqamorim: Mini broom
fqamorim: Mini broom
fqamorim: Potato Sprout
fqamorim: Gold Lantana - old and new
fqamorim: Afternoon nap
fqamorim: Raindrop
fqamorim: Gold Lantana
fqamorim: Gold Lantana
fqamorim: Little yellow flower on the lawn
fqamorim: Nala
fqamorim: Red-Eared Slider
fqamorim: Scratch my hairy back (Camphorweed)
fqamorim: Seriously human, why are you working on a Sunday?
fqamorim: Raindrop on Gladiolus leaf
fqamorim: Quarantine macro practice day# say what? Candytuft and raindrops
fqamorim: Quarantine macro practice day# who gives a rats ass. Little flower and I have no idea of its name
fqamorim: Wondering about the world outside