brandonquatro: DSC03556
brandonquatro: DSC03546
brandonquatro: Lovely old Period Home in Leafy inner Melbourne with Telegraph poles
brandonquatro: Unusual Telephone Pole with Grey Ceramic insulators
brandonquatro: Older style Telegraph Pole and Home
brandonquatro: Soon to be removed 1920's overhead rail stanchions just North of "Bell" station on the Mernda line
brandonquatro: 1920's Overhead rail structure
brandonquatro: DSC03537 (1)
brandonquatro: Looking north from Preston Station
brandonquatro: Old 1920's Rail stanchions on the left and the Tram Depot on the right
brandonquatro: Leafy Street with basic Telephone Pole
brandonquatro: Sunny suburban street in Spring
brandonquatro: Telephone Pole in a quiet Suburban Street
brandonquatro: Peaceful Friday Spring afternoon in the suburbs
brandonquatro: Crazy looking old Tree around Telephone Pole in Suburban Bayside Street.
brandonquatro: More Retro coloured Festoon Lights
brandonquatro: Retro Coloured Lights
brandonquatro: Telephones Poles down the Street
brandonquatro: Nice Sunset captured tonight
brandonquatro: Old Telegraph Pole in the suburbs
brandonquatro: Concrete Power pole with large Transformer
brandonquatro: Vacant Block and Telegraph Poles in the Suburbs
brandonquatro: Excessive Graffiti, Random Palm Trees and 1920's Rail Stanchions...
brandonquatro: The gritty Industrial scene
brandonquatro: Powerpoles big and small at Level Crossing.
brandonquatro: Power Poles and Period Style Homes.
brandonquatro: Busy scene at a Level Crossing in Coburg
brandonquatro: Leafy Street & Telephone Poles in the suburbs one cloudy Autumn afternoon
brandonquatro: Suburban Powerlines in Bayside Melbourne
brandonquatro: And so the Sun sets on another decade...