daniwaage: Close your eyes. Make a wish and watch what happens.
daniwaage: She's got the eyes of innocence, the face of an angel and the personality of a dreamer.
daniwaage: Winter in all of its beauty.
daniwaage: A quiet strength.
daniwaage: This boy <3
daniwaage: She makes fall look magical.
daniwaage: She could charm a star.
daniwaage: Got me feelin all....
daniwaage: Fall princess.
daniwaage: Sisters are the best.
daniwaage: You can rest with me until a brighter day, when your ok.
daniwaage: You know those beautiful moments in life, where it seems the world has stopped. Cherish them, etch them into your soul, keep them close to your heart. The world wont stop...they are only moments...and are gone as quickly as they came.
daniwaage: They stole my heart.
daniwaage: Everythings different...with my head in the clouds.
daniwaage: Sometimes alone is the best place to be.
daniwaage: The seasons are changing....I can feel it.
daniwaage: I dream away....
daniwaage: Seeing things from a Better side than most can dream of
daniwaage: I think you got your owies covered buddy.
daniwaage: Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes...but I'll work it out.
daniwaage: The moment you make eye contact and the rest of the world fades away....and you know nothing will ever be the same.
daniwaage: Precious moment.
daniwaage: THIS...is why I love what I do.
daniwaage: Be still my beating heart.
daniwaage: Everyone needs a best friend or two.
daniwaage: A magical place where beautiful little girls run free.
daniwaage: Holding on...when I should be letting go.
daniwaage: Blue moon...tucked behind the clouds.
daniwaage: Connection. One of the most meaningful feelings in the world.
daniwaage: Daydreaming.