rocami19: stairS
rocami19: the littLe bOy
rocami19: aGain&aGain
rocami19: multipLe reflectionS
rocami19: pendanT Lamp LoKKi 1960
rocami19: reFlectionS
rocami19: light&teXture
rocami19: lines&curveS
rocami19: reflectiOns rho milanO
rocami19: anubiS
rocami19: allianZ milanO
rocami19: perspective&reflectionS
rocami19: perspective&reflectionS
rocami19: light&shadowS
rocami19: a tricK of perspectivE
rocami19: faenA hoteL buenos aires
rocami19: superpoSition of patternS
rocami19: folloW the shadoW
rocami19: portraiT
rocami19: RhO miLanO
rocami19: CCK culturaL centrE
rocami19: london citY hall
rocami19: it´s about light
rocami19: the biG beN
rocami19: lines&shadowS
rocami19: vanishing poinT
rocami19: light&shadoWs
rocami19: lighT&shadoWs
rocami19: lines&curveS
rocami19: glass gladdinG