neil.gilmour: Descending the circular stairs, Arc de Triomphe, Paris
neil.gilmour: Once upon a time in Sainte Chapelle, Paris
neil.gilmour: Arc de Triomphe - Paris Explored!
neil.gilmour: Flickr 1,000,000 views 1000 photos
neil.gilmour: All Smiles! My 1,000th photo on Flickr!
neil.gilmour: Christ Church steeple
neil.gilmour: Intensely pink peony blossom
neil.gilmour: Spanish Steps
neil.gilmour: "Passing Through" Philadelphia
neil.gilmour: Burst of yellow!
neil.gilmour: Fairmount Park Horticulture Center
neil.gilmour: Looking strong
neil.gilmour: Monarch butterflly caterpillar, possibly
neil.gilmour: Espresso martinis and friends
neil.gilmour: Brandon Marsalis Quartet, live at Longwood Gardens - Explored!
neil.gilmour: Pink lily
neil.gilmour: Yellow lillies
neil.gilmour: Green tomatoes on the vine
neil.gilmour: Beautiful, delicious cucumber
neil.gilmour: Perfect blue hydrangea
neil.gilmour: Luxurious windowboxes in Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, Philadelphia
neil.gilmour: Stepping Up!
neil.gilmour: Window shopping at Flowers & Co.
neil.gilmour: The tilting urn, a beautiful doorway.
neil.gilmour: Flowering window boxes
neil.gilmour: Reflections in a red door
neil.gilmour: Brick home in Philadelphia
neil.gilmour: Marble steps on Delancey Place
neil.gilmour: Cloud Creation - Explored!
neil.gilmour: Sunrise over the Chicago River