neil.gilmour: Bagels for Breakfast!
neil.gilmour: Frozen, concrete gecko
neil.gilmour: Abandoned farm at Rolling Hill Park
neil.gilmour: “I’m melting!”
neil.gilmour: God standing on the edge of the oculus beckoning a soul to heaven.
neil.gilmour: Moses at the base of a column near the Spanish Steps, Rome
neil.gilmour: Stupendously beautiful basilica in Rome
neil.gilmour: Beautifullly restored column at Hadrian's Villa
neil.gilmour: Who is this naked warrior?
neil.gilmour: Jacob Vogdes home, my 5th great grandfather
neil.gilmour: Watch your step - ice covered! Explored!
neil.gilmour: Alone on the Danube
neil.gilmour: Colorado River valley from Rimrock Drive
neil.gilmour: Mural on JBJ Soul Homes - A Project Home supportive housing residence at Ridge and Fairmount
neil.gilmour: The Iconic Man - "Dr. J" aka Julius Erving of the 76ers
neil.gilmour: Philadelphia mural on Chestnut St.
neil.gilmour: Gen. "Mad Anthony" Wayne
neil.gilmour: Memoriall Hall from the Centennial Exposition of 1876
neil.gilmour: In this house we believe.....
neil.gilmour: A thicket of obelisks
neil.gilmour: Green reflections
neil.gilmour: Yellow flowers
neil.gilmour: George Washington, "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen"
neil.gilmour: Church Rock, Utah
neil.gilmour: Renaissance in Paris, La Defense
neil.gilmour: Town of Jim Thorpe and the Lehigh River edited 2021
neil.gilmour: Sunflower !!! May you have a sunny day, today!
neil.gilmour: Eastern portico to Philadelphia City Hall
neil.gilmour: Fall colors from Lehigh Gorge trail
neil.gilmour: Friendly, neighborhood robin