neil.gilmour: Speedy cyclist on Wissahickon Bike Trail
neil.gilmour: Lake Minnewaska trail view of the valley
neil.gilmour: PIne cone by Lake Minnewaska (explored)
neil.gilmour: Minnewaska Lake, Autumn colors
neil.gilmour: Hiking by Lake MInnewaska, upstate New York
neil.gilmour: Feathery Japanese maple
neil.gilmour: Hosta in gold
neil.gilmour: Fall pink flowers
neil.gilmour: Halloween ghost escaping the compost bin
neil.gilmour: St Charles Borromeo Seminary, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania
neil.gilmour: Big Indian Butte in Monument Valley, Utah
neil.gilmour: Chipmunk on Grand Mesa, Colorado
neil.gilmour: Dune grass at Barnegat Light
neil.gilmour: High Bar Harbor salt marsh
neil.gilmour: Barnegat Lighthouse at the Golden Hour
neil.gilmour: Charles L Durham mural
neil.gilmour: Helicopter over Philadelphia heading to Comcast Technology Center
neil.gilmour: Schuylkill River in Philadelphia
neil.gilmour: Goldenrod at the NJ shore
neil.gilmour: Goldenrod in the sand
neil.gilmour: Gypsy Hut
neil.gilmour: Fishing at Barnegat inlet
neil.gilmour: Gone Fishing
neil.gilmour: Early morning - sky over the Atlantic Ocean
neil.gilmour: Shadows from footprints in the sand.
neil.gilmour: Waves on the beach reflecting the blue sky
neil.gilmour: Fresh Fish - clean your own at Barnegat Light, NJ
neil.gilmour: Bee on yellow flower, Logan Circle, Philadelphia
neil.gilmour: Flower on Logan Circle, Philadelphia
neil.gilmour: Scallop fleet at Barnegat Light, NJ