soupie1441: In the Spotlight
soupie1441: Catch of the Day
soupie1441: Covered Bridge of Wakefield
soupie1441: Angels in the Clouds
soupie1441: Starry Night
soupie1441: Buzzing By
soupie1441: Unamused
soupie1441: Call of the Wren
soupie1441: Sunset on the Rocks
soupie1441: Vineyard by the Lake
soupie1441: Pre-Dawn Light
soupie1441: Cabbage White Burtterfly
soupie1441: Anxiously Waiting
soupie1441: The Red Rooter
soupie1441: Blossoms and Buds
soupie1441: A Bird's-Eye View
soupie1441: Dusk on Crystal Lake
soupie1441: Yellow-Throated Vireo
soupie1441: A Gaggle of Goslings
soupie1441: Hilton Falls
soupie1441: Along the Shallows
soupie1441: Second Strike
soupie1441: Fisher in Flight
soupie1441: Blue-Winged Teal
soupie1441: Unfriendly Fellow
soupie1441: Singer of the Woods
soupie1441: Pink Skies and Blue Waters
soupie1441: Blue Hour at the Bluewater
soupie1441: Purrrr-fect
soupie1441: Water Take Off