soupie1441: Across the Pond
soupie1441: Winter in Westminster
soupie1441: On the Hunt
soupie1441: Clinging to Life
soupie1441: Loon on Paudash Lake
soupie1441: Hawk in the Thorns
soupie1441: McGowan Falls
soupie1441: Forest Stream
soupie1441: Within the Woods
soupie1441: Foraging for Food
soupie1441: Colourful Reflections
soupie1441: Changing Seasons
soupie1441: Pine Warbler
soupie1441: Flowers and Reeds
soupie1441: Sunset Shine
soupie1441: Pair of Hornets
soupie1441: Vapor Trail
soupie1441: Dragon-Flycatcher
soupie1441: Hidden Sunrise
soupie1441: Uninvited Guest
soupie1441: Old Man River Falls
soupie1441: Poised for Battle
soupie1441: Lake View from Lions Lookout
soupie1441: Beacon under the Stars
soupie1441: Comet on a Country Road
soupie1441: Groyne of Brights Grove
soupie1441: Burleigh Falls
soupie1441: Look of the Loon
soupie1441: Still Water
soupie1441: The Pollen Collector