ines_hutz: October sun
ines_hutz: Skyward
ines_hutz: In the cold light
ines_hutz: The days grew shorter
ines_hutz: There was no real scent
ines_hutz: I've been in love...
ines_hutz: It's been a long hot summer
ines_hutz: "All died when you went away"
ines_hutz: "The currents will shift"
ines_hutz: Taking off
ines_hutz: "Smell the sea and feel the sky"
ines_hutz: Serenity
ines_hutz: Cold autumn morning
ines_hutz: "Pause for the silence"
ines_hutz: "Don't you feel alive?"
ines_hutz: The clock is striking twelve
ines_hutz: "You in your autumn sweater"
ines_hutz: "Feed your head"
ines_hutz: Summer's almost gone
ines_hutz: My darkness is shining
ines_hutz: Shine on you crazy diamond
ines_hutz: Love will tear us apart